Gorilla Candy (F1)


11 Regular Seeds

Abazaba X Gorilla Butter

[Special Candyland (OGKB x GDP) x Peanut Butter Breath] X [Gorilla Glue #4 x Peanut Butter Breath]

Bred by Fresh Coast Seed Company

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Includes Four Free 24K Banana Seeds

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Developed by Fresh Coast Seed Co this slightly indica leaning hybrid is highly frosted with a sweet nose, incredible coloration and bag appeal.

The high is a nice balance of head and body but well grown phenos are likely to be 25+% THC and will put less experienced smokers straight to bed.

Because of the inbreeding OGKB heavy phenos are possible. They will be slower vegging plants but are sure to produce dense trichome covered nugs that are visually stunning.