Silverback Nut Butter (F1)


11 Regular Seeds

Nutta Butta X Gorilla Butter

[The White (Krome Cut) x Peanut Butter Breath] x (Gorilla Glue #4 x Peanut Butter Breath)


Bred by Fresh Coast Seed Company

Includes Four Free 24K Banana Seeds

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With Peanut Butter Breath on both sides of family tree this strain produces some of the frostiest nugs and fan leaves imaginable. The OGKB leaning phenos tend to be slow mutant looking plants in veg but start spewing frost as soon as they are flipped. The hashy, somewhat foul aroma will continue to strengthen through a long flower period as nearly the entire plant becomes covered in a thick layer of frost. The resulting nugs are dense and develop the aroma of great coffee if allowed to cure.

If you can’t wait that long this plant is a hash makers dream with fat densely packed trichomes that yield incredibly well in the wash



Medium Yield / Medium Height


63 -77 Day Flowering Time

Earthy / Coffee / Roasted Nut / Gas

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Full Pack (11 Seeds), Half Pack (5 Seeds)