Troubleshooting common mistakes in marijuana growing

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You’re excited to grow weed in your garden and you think, “How hard can this be? It’s called weed for a reason, right?” Right! And while it’s most certainly not rocket science, there are some mistakes you can make. Read on and learn how to steer clear of the most common.

Don’t shy away from seeds

If you’re new to gardening, it can be extra scary to start something from seed. While the act of turning a small hard thing into a living plant is certainly magical, it turns out it’s not actually that hard. You need no special equipment—no heated mats, no artificial light—just some potting soil, sunshine, and water.

And it’s worth it to start from seed—a cannabis seedling (a plant in a juvenile state) is far more forgiving than a finicky clone, ready to snap into flowering the moment conditions aren’t perfect. Additionally, seed-started plants form a strong taproot, anchoring them more firmly into the soil. They’re more disease-resistant, too.

Know how to sex plants

male versus female cannabis plants, how to sex a cannabis plant


If you do start from seed, be certain you know how to tell males from females. You’ll want to cull the males before their flowers open, preventing pollination and a bunch of seedy buds, unless you’re into that thing. It couldn’t be easier—in their pre-flowering state, males send out little balls (yes, really), and females send out little hairs.

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